SIPS in Barcelona and Tayēr + Elementary in London has partnered with dolce-amaro aperitivo Amaro Santoni to launch the exclusive Bartender’s Travel Capsule Collection

This Autumn, world-renowned bartenders Simone Caporale (SIPS) and Alex Kratena (Tayēr + Elementary) will reunite, following their record breaking time at London’s Artesian for an exclusive collaboration with Amaro Santoni.
The award winning duo will collaborate to create the ‘SIPS x Tayer + Elementary Bartender’s Travel Capsule Collection, powered by Amaro Santoni’, featuring the must-have essentials for any globetrotting bartender.

The limited edition ‘SIPS x Tayer + Elementary Bartender’s Travel Capsule Collection, powered by Amaro Santoni’ will offer everything the busy international mixologist needs to travel the world and arrive guest-shift ready. Playfully co-branded with airline-inspired decals Tayer + Elementary & SIPS (currently No.2 and No.3 respectively on the list of The World’s 50 Best Bars 2022), the exclusive gift set includes a cosmetic pouch, eye mask, t-shirt, hoodie, sweatpants and suitcase and will be available from Tuesday 31st October at for the UK and for the rest of the world.

To celebrate the launch, Alex and Simone will reunite for the first time behind the bar at SIPS, Barcelona for one night only on Monday 30th October, serving a bespoke cocktail menu inspired by Amaro Santoni from 6pm – 10pm. This will be the first time they have worked together behind the bar of SIPS since leading London’s Artesian to a record four consecutive World’s Best Bar titles (2011-2015), alongside a host of other international accolades. In 2019, Alex opened Tayer + Elementary with Monica Berg, a cocktail bar reimagined with two parts, an industrial styled street side bar with cocktails on tap and a forensic, culinary approached bar in the back focused on new flavour experiences. In 2021, Simone moved to Barcelona to create SIPS with Marc Alvarez, with an island bar centre stage with the bartenders creating the modern concept cocktails on show.

‘SIPS x Tayer + Elementary Bartender’s Travel Capsule Collection Powered by Amaro Santoni’
will be available from 31st October from: for the UK and for the rest of the world

Notes to Editors

Amaro Santoni

Amaro Santoni (16% ABV) is a multi-award-winning “dolce-amaro aperitivo” of the highest quality, offering an elegantly light taste of Tuscan summer led by rhubarb and iris with undertones of citrus and olive leaves. Amaro Santoni is already on the menus at some of London’s best bars and is available now from The Whisky Exchange and Amazon for £26.95.

About Alex Kratena and Tayēr + Elementary

Alex Kratena is a multi award-winning bartender. He is currently working with partner Monica Berg at their London bar Tayēr + Elementary, which opened in Spring 2019. Since opening, Tayēr + Elementary has won a number of awards, including most recently, No.2 at the 2022 World’s 50 Best Bar Awards, and Bar Innovators of the Year at the 2022 CLASS Bar Awards. In February 2019, Alex launched Muyu liqueurs with Monica Berg and Simone Caporale.
Tayēr + Elementary features two distinct bar concepts Elementary situated at the front of the bar, is a light and casual bar focussed on providing simple seasonal drinks and snacks. Tayēr being a more progressive and experimental bar with a more elevated offering.

About Simone Caporale and SIPS

One of the most talked-about bartenders of the moment, with his most recent projects including the launch of Cocktail Concierge and The Art of Shaking with Luca Missaglia, as well the launch of SIPS that reached No. 3 in The World’s 50 Best Bars Awards in 2023 with Marc Alvarez. In early 2021, Cocktail Concierge began a long-term collaboration with Amaro Santoni, with Simone taking on the role of Global Brand Ambassador and in 2022, he acquired Barcelona’s oldest cocktail bar, Boadas Cocktails.
Sips, located in Barcelona and is a modern concept bar with an island centre stage with the bartenders’ creations on show. During the day, Sips has a mellower feel, with pastel pink and green decor making this an approachable early evening venue, but as night falls and the lights dim, it transforms into a dark and sultry hideaway.